Matt Huxley
Exec. Producer // Singer [UK]

I am a real person who has always had a passion for music but this passion for music has now taken me on a journey to actively seek unknown artists, with the aim of breaking them into the music industry. I am not looking to oversee the artists or shape their talent in an autocratic way. To bring out their true creativity, I am more looking to enhance and refine talented people and catapult them into the music scene via my know-how and industry contacts. I am always actively seeking the best unsigned artists from around the GLOBE as I believe they deserve a chance, and an avenue for them and their music to be heard.

My main role is as exec music producer, manager and events manager although I have written songs and occasionally sing too.

  • Albums 5
  • Singles 8
  • Concerts 13
  • Tracks 21
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My Albums & Singles

ITZA Album Art - Saucy
RnB & Hip-Hop
ITZA Album Art - Naughty By Nature
Naughty By Nature
RnB & Hip-Hop
ITZA Album Art - You & Me
You & Me
Dance & Electronica
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