John Blaylock
Singer // Producer (UK)

Heartfelt songs and a powerful, unique voice. Blaylock has written songs all his life but relentlessly for the last 2 years with some of the world’s greatest songwriters in locations such as Stockholm, London, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles saving only the very best of songs for this solo project.

Blaylock has seen his songs used on 3 UK TV commercials, had radio play on Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio X and countless other FM and digital stations around the world. In the US he’s seen his music used on 2 national TV shows and 1 national TV commercial.

This is real music. This is Blaylock.

  • Albums 5
  • Singles 8
  • Concerts 13
  • Tracks 21


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My Albums & Singles

ITZA Album Art - Saucy
RnB & Hip-Hop
ITZA Album Art - Naughty By Nature
Naughty By Nature
RnB & Hip-Hop
ITZA Album Art - ABTB
Alternative & Jazz
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My Latest Tracks

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My Gig Galleries

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My Biography

[vc_column_text]John Blaylock began his musical career as the lead singer and songwriter for the hit Manchester band, International One. Their debut single release Moonshine + Roses, penned by Blaylock was championed by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 and Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 2. The video received numerous plays on MTV2 as well as many other music channels. The success of the single led to the band being signed by Daddy Records in 2007.

The band went on to record at the legendary Chapel studios in Lincolnshire with Dan Swift hired to produce the band’s debut album. The band completed a successful UK tour and it was at this time that Blaylock was in the privileged position of being commissioned by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to write a song celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. The song “Inyaniso” was presented by the Archbishop to the great man himself on his 90th birthday.

Blaylock left the band to find more positive solo avenues and in 2010 started the critically acclaimed solo project – Franco + The Dreadnought, just Franco (a boyhood nickname) and his Dreadnought acoustic guitar. The “duo” played hundreds of gigs all over the UK including appearances at Rockness Festival in Scotland, The Electric Ballroom in Camden, The Academy in Manchester and many others.

It was during this time that Blaylock discovered collaborative songwriting and started writing songs in England and America with successful, prolific, writers such as Martin Sutton, Ron Roker, Pam Sheyne, Roxanne Seeman, Marcella Detroit, Helen Boulding and many others.

Having completed a gigging and songwriting tour of the US in 2013 Blaylock decided to relocate to Los Angeles to carry on writing with major writers on major productions. He was granted an O1 (exceptional ability) artist visa to stay in LA for a full year where he worked in studios nearly every day writing and recording. This culminated in him being invited by Mike Caren, President of A and R for Warner to write for the soundtrack for the Suicide Squad movie.

John Blaylock returned from LA in 2016 and decided a fresh platform was needed to start releasing this brilliant new material. As of 2017 a new artist was born, reverting to his actual surname, Blaylock.

His current EP is a collection of stripped back, heartfelt songs with real meaning that will leave the listener hooked on every soulful word. To compliment the EP, Blaylock has been working with ITZA Global Records and a number of the label’s producer/DJs as well as singers to produce a number of commercial music productions. Given his seasoned writing skills, he will be invaluable in helping ‘top line’ a number of the label’s musical content (writing for his own vocals as well as other singers on the label or third party labels).

This is real music. This is Blaylock.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]