ITZA Album Art - Girls Aren't That Sweet
Girls Aren’t That Sweet
Catchy hooks and a Deep House bassline, this track is a certified summer hit!
ITZA Album Art - Naughty By Nature
Naughty By Nature
Catchy hooks and bouncy basslines, complete with a sprinkle of rap magic.
ITZA Album Art - Saucy
The blend of commercial vocal and rap makes this track easy to listen for all audiences!
ITZA Album Art - Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life
A great rendition of an old skool classic, sprinkled with a hint of 80s/90s electronica.
ITZA Album Art - You & Me
You & Me
Summer Banger with a catchy hook and trap beat.
ITZA Album Art - ABTB
A real singalong Country classic from Dan & Ella, this is currently at Demo Level and will be available for Master in 2020.
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